Gone eldritch

This will probably end up living somewhere else on the site eventually, but for now:

A long, long time ago, on a website far away, I had a column. I’m not saying it was the happiest time in my life (far from it, actually; I had a lot going on), but I loved that damn column.

Things Happened. Ownership changed, cosmic forces misaligned, the dead walked, and my column came to an end.

Over the years I’ve thought about bringing it back in some capacity. For myself, if not for anyone else. I liked the challenge it presented. I liked the actual writing of it. I liked how it was uniquely me — my weird little voice screeching out of the void of endless content.

Last year I gave the column another shot and promptly ran into a problem: I had forgotten what I sounded like.

I’ve built a pretty successful career as a freelance marketing and advertising writer. When I write, I sound like my clients…which is great when I’m writing for them. It’s not so great when I want to write for me.

I kept working at it. I added a blog to my freelance writing site. Except my writing site is basically for my business, and potential clients really didn’t care about that Powerwolf concert I went to, or how many rum drinks it takes to make a hyena fall over.

I needed to separate Business Millennial from…uh…whatever I was now.

Enter the eldritch millennial.

Why yes, I am an elder millennial, but why stop at elder? I’m not just old. I’m a sinister, ghostly presence howling across the vastness of space and time (or more likely cackling over a couple drinks, but we’re going for oomph here).

I don’t intend for this blog to be life-changing or world-changing. It’s just a place for me to dump all the random funny shit floating around in my head, and maybe occasionally document some of the fun stuff in my life without damaging my official day job “brand” (such as it is).

Anyway. That’s all from me today. Enjoy the ride (or disembark screaming in terror; whatever works).